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Surf and Earn!

When I first got online, I was amazed at the number of companies willing to reward you with cash and prizes for visiting different websites and other simple activities. Here are my picks for the best of those programs. You'll notice I don't include any "pay bars" here. In my experience, these are more trouble than they're worth and often require downloading programs of dubious origins. You can rest assured that the programs I recommend here are reputable, worthwhile and on the up-and-up!

Memolink is a points program geared primarily to college students, but anyone can join. Their prize choices include WalMart gift cards, and who can't find something to buy at WalMart?
My Points
My Points is the grandaddy of all Internet points programs. Earn points for visiting websites, shopping online, surveys, and signing up for special offers. Cash in your points for gift certificates for your favorite shops and restaurants, free hotel stays, airline tickets and more. You can even get points for all your time online by signing up for MyPoints free ISP. Use tracim as your referral.
A newcomer that's very similar to MyPoints, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites. Daily trivia and lots of site visits give you plenty of opportunities to earn. Quick, easy ways to earn points and top-notch customer service make Powerdime one of the best points program on the web.
Another points program, Freeride has all the standard ways to earn points: site visits, surveys, sign-ups, downloads, etc. They're always adding something interesting to the mix, like contests or unique ways to earn points. For prizes, you can choose from a wide range of gift certificates to online merchants and traditional stores. Use tmanning4 as your referral.
Send More Info
Get paid cash for reading e-mail. You get junk mail anyway, so why not get paid for it? Get paid for every e-mail they send you and your referrals. It takes a while to add up, but you can get your first check after you've earned $10.
Get paid to share your opinion at this site. Write reviews of products & services you use every day, and earn money every time someone reads your reviews. This is a site is very well-run and profitable as well! Go directly to the Epinions site from the link above or check out my Epinions page to learn more.

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